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One Ounce Measured Pour Spouts - Plastic with 3-Metal Ball Shot Chamber System with bottle collar. Greater accuracy and less drip.

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3 -Ball Measured Bar Pour Spouts 1 oz- Standard 20mm

  • Beautifully functional and tight fitting Plastic Measured Pour Spout set with bottle collar to fit snug around bottle opening.

    This 3-Metal Ball Chamber Pour Spout System has greater accuracy and less drip over two ball system.
    Measured pours mean liquor cost stay in-line for your bottom line, compared to free pouring pour spouts.

    So get a grip on your inventory control, the first step is with these top quality measured pour spouts.

    Fits standard bottles for no dip liquor, wine and kitchen oil service. (olive oil & dressings)
    Easy to clean with soak in mild soap and water.

    one unit by the unit or from our sizable discount order sets.

    1 oz. chamber size for one ounce pours.

    Clear top & Black colored collar with red color coded chamber for 1 oz. size shot.

    Bottle Fit Poly Cork 20mm

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