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12 Dust Caps for Pour Spouts - Plastic Black in Color 

Customer says, "Hey Bartender! There is a fruit fly in my cocktail!
Bartender replies, "NICE... Fruit Flies have plenty of protein."

12 Black Dust Caps Cover for Plastic Pour Spouts

$12.00 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
  • Beautifully functional and tight fitting Plastic Dust Caps for covering pour spouts, fit snug around the bottle opening.
    Fits standard Plastic bottle liquor pour spouts, also used with wine and kitchen oil service of similar size . (olive oil & dressings)
    Pour Spouts show in picture NOT included, this is just for one dozen Dust Caps only.
    12 units per order / one dozen.
    Color Black
    ApplicationPlastic Pour Spouts, most models.
    MaterialBlack Rubber
    DiameterRectangular 16 mm by 10mm (Cap Covering)
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