Gravity Lid Free Flow Pour Spout Cover Combo- Black & White  or Green & White.

Lid opens by the counter weight as you pour out liquid, weights shuts the lid when bottle is place up right.

Quantities available.

Gravity Lid Speed Pourer Pour Spout Bar Liquor Oil

$9.00 Regular Price
$7.99Sale Price
  • Beautifully functional and tight fitting Gravity Lid Closes when bottle is placed down in rack, on table or bar.

    Free flowing pour spout Opens when bottle is tilted to pour liquid out. Very simple and cool design fit snug around the bottle opening.

    Fits standard bottles for no dip liquor, wine and kitchen oil service. (olive oil & dressings)

    Application Standard Liquor Bottles Fifths, 750ml & Liters
    Material Plastic and Metal components
    Diameter 20mm (bottle opening to rubber cork)

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